Opposites Attract: Wearing it Backwards

This is just an observation on wearing clothes in ways other than originally intended. For example: wearing clothes inside out, backwards, upside down, on the wrong body part, etc… Last week the early 90’s rap duo, Kris Kross, came to mind, I was thinking about how they used to wear their baseball jerseys and pants backwards.  Maybe it was a gimmick, maybe their manager, Jermaine Dupri packaged their look, just as Mclaren and Westwood created the Sex Pistols‘s look, whatever it was…I liked what they were doing.  It was so different, they didn’t alter the clothing, they just turned it around.  That … Continue reading Opposites Attract: Wearing it Backwards

Bike Meets Sewing Machine, A Love Story

I love when two unrelated things are combined to make something useful and creative. If you can get past the hipster cuteness, watch this video, it’s a great idea. The New Museum of New York and Spanish fabric brand peSeta teamed up to work on the project named Bicycle Cap, this was initiated by ad agency Leo Burnett Iberia. They are not the first to make a bike powered sewing machine, which have been used by craft artists over the years, but the way they present the idea across in this video about hybrid power is kind of a hybrid … Continue reading Bike Meets Sewing Machine, A Love Story

Holiday Window Displays 2010

Bergdorf Goodman- Fantastic Voyage Holiday window, “Day Tripping,” is a spontaneous jaunt to the moon, depicted by a futuristic spacescape.  Inspired by the 1902 silent film Le Voyage Dans la Lune, by Georges Melies. More than 2,800 people entered Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday Polyvore challenge, where they had to design a virtual window display coinciding with the store’s own holiday windows. A take on “fantastical ride through vintage futurism, featuring 19th century space travel, Victorian aviation and the wonders of the Industrial Revolution.” Contestants were invited to make collages that coincide with this theme, using provided art on Polyvore that included … Continue reading Holiday Window Displays 2010

Sci-Fi Themes in Fashion

In 2003, I had to come up with a collection for a Fashion Merchandising class. My theme was a line of contemporary tops and jackets that were influenced by science-fiction.  It was a combination of clean ’60’s space-age style and utilitarian, sort of something an off-duty space cadet would wear, I named the line “Brave New Girl.” In doing this assignment, I did a lot of research and one of the things that really stuck with me for some reason, was finding out just how many genres and sub-genres of science-fiction there are, it’s attached to almost anything, from aesthetics … Continue reading Sci-Fi Themes in Fashion