Cardin: Space-Age Design is Back to the Future

Pierre Cardin (88) returns to the runway after 10 years. His current Spring 2011 collection is an updated take on his 1960’s space-age designs, and unfortunately lacking in spirit and design compared to the original. (see above)

According to The New York Daily News (9/29/2010), he’s not too thrilled about this collection himself, due to it being designed mostly by licensees who don’t take risks, which Cardin believes is a problem with designers today. (S/S 2011 collection below)

Pierre Cardin Spring 2011
Pierre Cardin Spring 2011

It’s almost impossible to update the future, especially a cool imaginary one that he and other designers in this genre of fashion dreamed up. Cardin and other iconic space-age designers make up part of my influences today. Other designers include:

Andre Courreges

Andre Courreges –  His most famous designs were the ‘Space-Age’ collection of Spring 1964. The collection included silver PVC ‘moongirl’ pants, white catsuits and monochrome striped mini skirts and dresses. He is also famous for his use of the mid-calf length, flat-heeled ‘Courreges’ boot.

Paco Rabanne - 60's iconic model Donyale Luna

Paco Rabanne – Plastic and metal discs, day-glo space-age designs. Generally known for clothing in chain-mail style, made from plastic and metal tiles or discs, held together with wire. By 1968/9 his designs included ostrich feather dresses with aluminium bodices and others made in paper and silver leather. He designed costumes for “Barbarella,” and his muse was iconic model, Donyale Luna.

Rudi Gernreich's outfit worn by Peggy Moffitt

Rudi Gernreich – Visionary designer who pushed the boundaries of body image in futuristic fashion. Most famous for introducing the topless swimsuit, aka: monokini in 1964, which consisted of a high waist held up by thin straps which passed between the bare breasts. He designed the unisex Moon City uniforms on the TV series Space 1999 (’75-’77). His muse was the ultra-modern Peggy Moffitt.

What to wear on the Moon? Rudi Gernreich's Kite Dress worn by Peggy Moffitt

The Huffington Post: you can view Cardin’s current collection here:

New York Daily News – Licensed to Ill: Pierre Cardin Ashamed of His Current Collection

Design Kultur – When The Future was Ultramodern

Mods on the Moon



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