Fashion Film: Take 1

Kenneth Anger for Missoni 2010

Film and digital video are increasingly becoming an important medium for fashion as a tool for promotion, documenting, and for fictional narrative in a collection.   A few of these venues include Fashion Film Festival a touring film festival in its 5th year, with screenings in London, New York and other cities with it’s next program in December, and A Shaded View of Fashion Film an online and touring festival, recently screened in Paris and is currently seeking submissions for their next program.  As fashion is encouraged to be creative and forward on the current scheme of things, the same sentiment is applied toward filmmaking techniques.  Established cinematic rules of film are not enforced in film fashion, which like all experimental films is either thought-provoking, haunting or beautiful… or just plain hard to watch.

I Wanna Be Your Dog, 2009 film by Georgie Greville, a spoof on model casting
A Band Apart, fashion short by David McIntyre

Online fashion magazines and blogs are also utilizing video, and are growing in number with too many to name, but a few examples are ZOOZOOM which show current videos, news and short films on fashion, and SHOWstudio which calls itself the home of fashion film, are worth checking out.

80's fashion video

On the other hand video used to document fashion both past and present, lends itself as a great research tool. You see not only the fashion of that time, but the techniques used to record it, and if there’s audio in the original recording, you hear the way people spoke about the trend or the music choice at the time.  VIDCAT, dedicated to fashion on video, with videos categorized by year starting from 1950 to present.  Showing fashion presentations, runway, promotional and conceptional fashion videos. The ’80’s early MTV style fashion videos are definitely my favorite. Genesis fashion concept video (1980’s)

FASHION FILM FESTIVAL – Next program:  December 2010

ASVOFF  – screening info and past winners

VIDCAT – archival video

ZOOZOOM – current fashion video and short films

SHOW STUDIO -The Home of Fashion Film


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