Opposites Attract: Wearing it Backwards

This is just an observation on wearing clothes in ways other than originally intended. For example: wearing clothes inside out, backwards, upside down, on the wrong body part, etc… Last week the early 90’s rap duo, Kris Kross, came to mind, I was thinking about how they used to wear their baseball jerseys and pants backwards.  Maybe it was a gimmick, maybe their manager, Jermaine Dupri packaged their look, just as Mclaren and Westwood created the Sex Pistols‘s look, whatever it was…I liked what they were doing.  It was so different, they didn’t alter the clothing, they just turned it around.  That … Continue reading Opposites Attract: Wearing it Backwards

70’s New York Fall Style

Summer is nearly over, but that’s okay because I love the Fall, it’s my favorite season. It’s still warm, but now breezy and change is in the air.  I tend to associate the Fall look with 1970’s Manhattan, even though I was born and raised in LA. Of course all these associations come from films, not from actual experience, although I did visit New York a couple of times, for work trips, but didn’t stay long enough to enjoy it, and I’ve never been during the Fall.  The films of Autumn in New York represented the change in seasons more … Continue reading 70’s New York Fall Style