Color Mood Board Fall/Winter ’11-’12

ELECTRIC HUES inspired by brights found in nature, specifically underwater sea life and reptiles, neons, ombre, brights with depth. The Naturals…. inspired by natural materials such as shell, leather & wood, and by textiles such as burlap, linen, cotton, hemp, wool.  Made modern mixed with metallics, structured silhouettes, ombre, tea dyed, stained, watercolor…. Black and White Graphics….. Color Pop Graphics Continue reading Color Mood Board Fall/Winter ’11-’12

High Fashion’s New Low?

Last week I read an article on Azzedine Alaïa posted here on the Business of Fashion, that left me inspired, but also feeling that a change is inevitable in the way fashion is created and produced in the industry.  In the article, Alaïa spoke out about how the current system in place takes its physical and mental toll on those involved in the process and diminishes the soul and creativity.  High fashion has become fast, where profits and speed of duplicating other successful designs becomes the norm in place of developing new ideas. This is something that has always taken … Continue reading High Fashion’s New Low?

Neo Minimalism: neo-geo

You gotta love Neo-Minimalism for it’s attempt to portray culture in an orderly fashion. In the neo-geo perspective of minimalism, it’s all about bold shapes, colors and sharp angles … Neo-minimalism is a rather vaguely defined art style/movement of the late 20th, early 21st centuries, in painting, sculpture, architecture, design, and music. It is sometimes referred to as “neo-geo”, “Neo-Conceptualism“, “Neo-Futurism“, “New Abstraction”, “Poptometry”, “Post-Abstractionism”, “Simulationism”, and “Smart Art”. Continue reading Neo Minimalism: neo-geo