Holiday Window Displays 2010

Bergdorf Goodman- Fantastic Voyage Holiday window, “Day Tripping,” is a spontaneous jaunt to the moon, depicted by a futuristic spacescape.  Inspired by the 1902 silent film Le Voyage Dans la Lune, by Georges Melies. More than 2,800 people entered Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday Polyvore challenge, where they had to design a virtual window display coinciding with the store’s own holiday windows. A take on “fantastical ride through vintage futurism, featuring 19th century space travel, Victorian aviation and the wonders of the Industrial Revolution.” Contestants were invited to make collages that coincide with this theme, using provided art on Polyvore that included … Continue reading Holiday Window Displays 2010

Corrine Day, Photographer 1965-2010

“I don’t take fashion too seriously,” – Corrine Day, The Guardian (1993) Fashion photographer Corinne Day (2001) When I think of the mood of fashion in the 90’s, I think of Corrine Day’s stark images, awkwardly posed and un-retouched.  In 1990, Day’s photos of her friend, Kate Moss, were the first published pictures of Moss.  She went against all model type conventions, such as height, 5′.7,” a no curves figure and freckles. Although, there was nothing especially glam about her, Corrine saw a muse in her, and other models that went against type. This was typical of Corrine Day’s style, … Continue reading Corrine Day, Photographer 1965-2010

What Would Jarmusch Do?

What can I say, Jim Jarmusch is one cool deadpan American original. Influential and effortless. When Stranger Than Paradise, (1984) was released, it stood out stylistically among films of that time. He shot it in black and white, his musician friends as actors, long takes, sparse dialogue, cool wardrobe, and jazz soundtrack. In this time where everything is hyped up, from high grossing films to designer labels, Jarmusch’s sensibility of understated cool, intelligence and humor seems fresh. I wanna steal his style. “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new … Continue reading What Would Jarmusch Do?