Blade Runner Style

I have a thing for sci-fiction fashion. It’s so imaginative, highly functional and looks amazing while in action. Blade Runner (1982) has to be my favorite sci-fi film in terms of style, very inspiring, borrowing elements from film noir, its futuristic and classic at once.


Rachel’s 1940’s inspired suit with shoulder pads, looks amazing in 2019

Here’s a modern day interp.


Classic Pris layering from Blade Runner. Love this look, it’s so scrappy,  textured coat, with oversize bag, and legwarmers with wedge heels.

Love this all in one, cardi/leggings combo, by Marios, reminds me of a modern day Pris outfit.

by Marios



Abbey Lee Kershaw, Photographed by Emma Summerton and styled by Charlotte Stockdale, the shoot appears in the Spring 2010 issue of i-D Magazine.  Inspired by Zhora’s look.


One thought on “Blade Runner Style

  1. I could not agree more with your sentiment on Blad Runner. Blade Runner has long been a solid source of inspiration for me when it comes to futuristic style that hones in on Joan Crawford’s timeless retro vixen-ish vibe. I feel so fortunate to have recently worked with one of the Costume Designers from that movie. The style it has set has had a world-wide appeal.

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