Opposites Attract: Wearing it Backwards

This is just an observation on wearing clothes in ways other than originally intended. For example: wearing clothes inside out, backwards, upside down, on the wrong body part, etc… Last week the early 90’s rap duo, Kris Kross, came to mind, I was thinking about how they used to wear their baseball jerseys and pants backwards.  Maybe it was a gimmick, maybe their manager, Jermaine Dupri packaged their look, just as Mclaren and Westwood created the Sex Pistols‘s look, whatever it was…I liked what they were doing.  It was so different, they didn’t alter the clothing, they just turned it around.  That … Continue reading Opposites Attract: Wearing it Backwards

Minimalism -Mood for a Blank Slate

Minimalism, the clean slate of fashion, the class act, the reserved sibling of ornamental trend, from past to present it’s always here to keep us real, here’s the mood for 2011…     http://forums.thefashionspot.com/f121/age-why-do-designers-wait-6-mos-sell-their-collections-112835.html Nonot is a minimalist graphic T-shirt label out of Germany. http://www.jargol.com/blog/items/nonot/ http://www.wmagazine.com/artdesign/2010/10/minimalism_and_fashion_book_elyssa_dimant http://fashiongrunge.com/ http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/25/fashion/thursdaystyles/25SHAPE.html?_r=1 Who’s Afraid of Minimalism? http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/25/fashion/thursdaystyles/25SHAPE.html?_r=1 Continue reading Minimalism -Mood for a Blank Slate

Elaine Style

Okay this is just a quick post, I was going to dismiss this subject completely, but then took a second look and realized there is some validity to the New York Times article about the Elaine (from Seinfeld) look. Mostly during the grunge years of the show from 1989-1995, where dresses, denim, and hair in a messy bun were mixed. Of course this look wouldn’t be interpreted literally, but the elements of mixing floral dresses with masculine shoes, and layering with a denim vest would work today According to The New York Times article, The New Adventures of Old Elaine, … Continue reading Elaine Style

Work It! Dopey Fashion Poses

“You better work!” – RuPaul (Supermodel 1993) RuPaul a la Marilyn Monroe This photo spread is originally from the now defunct, Sassy magazine (1988-1994) enjoy! http://iheartthreadbared.wordpress.com/2010/04/11/dopey-fashion-poses/ http://www.buzzfeed.com/scott/dopey-fashion-poses http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sassy_%28magazine%29 Continue reading Work It! Dopey Fashion Poses

Corrine Day, Photographer 1965-2010

“I don’t take fashion too seriously,” – Corrine Day, The Guardian (1993) Fashion photographer Corinne Day (2001) When I think of the mood of fashion in the 90’s, I think of Corrine Day’s stark images, awkwardly posed and un-retouched.  In 1990, Day’s photos of her friend, Kate Moss, were the first published pictures of Moss.  She went against all model type conventions, such as height, 5′.7,” a no curves figure and freckles. Although, there was nothing especially glam about her, Corrine saw a muse in her, and other models that went against type. This was typical of Corrine Day’s style, … Continue reading Corrine Day, Photographer 1965-2010