Dollyrockers and Liberty for All

I wanted to re-post this because these labels are optimistic, timeless and inspirational in fashion & music! Cheers to all the Dollyrockers out there!

Stars We Are

Originally I was going to write about Liberty Prints, from their groovy 60’s prints to today’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics and Target, until I came across another one of their collaborations, Dollyrockers.  The name itself captured my imagination, and the spirit of what I imagined an early 1960’s rocker hipster would look like, so I had to find out more about this label.

1960s mini dress label Courtesy of premierludwig


It was a label that focused on dresses and tops, in a style that was part of the British Boutique Movement (Active c.1963-c.1975). Boutiques in this movement included: Biba, Bazaar by Mary Quant, Pollyanna, Top Gear, Bird Cage, etc… It was the emergence of independent young designers of the 1960’s, and a response to the lack of clothing choices for their generation. These boutiques and new designs served a need that caught on like wildfire, and…

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