Illuminated Clothing

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I’ve been obsessed with illuminated clothing lately. I know it’s been around since the ’90’s rave scene, but with the resurgence of raves and the advancements in portable LED technology, I’m seeing more and more of it…maybe this obsession stems from my AV tech days, fashion and tech together at last…or simply because it’s shiny and bright (that’s closer to the truth,) whatever, it just looks so futuristic and magical…

These designs are by Mary Huang (Designer/Artist/Futurist), she makes clothes with light, the light is integral to the design, not just added on, the wires are woven within the the fabric.

Mary Huang

Diana Eng (2010)

Twinkle Caridgan designed by Diana Eng, who was a former contestant on Project Runway season 2.  LED circuits are hand embroidered with silverized thread and a custom sewable circuit board Twinkle Pad, developed specially for the Fairytale Fashion Collection.

Diana Eng

Lumigram fiber optic dress

Lumigram is a company in France that weaves fiber optic light strands into fabric, creating their own unique brand of illuminated textiles. Currently it’s about $50. for a 9″ x 4″ sample piece of fiber optic fabric… .

Lumigram fiber optic dress

wedding dress by Luminex

Luminex, a company in Italy also manufactures it’s own brand of fiber optic textiles. They wanted to make clothing like a star-filled sky, clothes that become emotional, with it’s shine and sparkle.

shawl made with Luminex fabric

Dress part of Phillips SKIN design probe project

Phillips (the light bulb company) is using various forms of lighted textiles, clothing could express emotions in real time. Phillips examines the future integration of sensitive materials in the area of emotional sensing – the shift from ‘ intelligent’ to ‘sensitive’ products and technologies.

Katy Perry in LED dress at The Met (2010)

Dress designed by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, who work under the label, Cute Circuit, per WWD.

Rihanna in concert (2010)

LED light dresses

Wearable technology

EL wire piping by Enlighted Designs
LED lights used as embellishment on leather jacket by Enlighted Designs

LED lights used as trim and embellishment

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Wendy Legro jacket with LED lights

Artist/Designer, Wendy Legro’s light up jacket, suitable for day or night.

I heart Switch

DIY light clothing projects can be found here:

A good article on different types of light up and tech clothing can be found here:

FASHIONING TECHNOLOGY “a smart crafting community”:


5 thoughts on “Illuminated Clothing

  1. I think the biggest advance will come when electroluminescent thread goes from the prototype stage to full production.

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