Fresh Prints by Nature and Science

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I’m feeling that print direction is going toward the nature and science end of things, it just really looks fresh and it’s “accidental” look controlled by ultraviolet light and heat makes for unique prints. There are some collections for Spring/Summer 2011 that are showing prints inspired by nature and science, and it seems like a natural transition from the hand-dyeing techniques such as batik and tie dye (although sun-print has a similar look.)  Maybe transition is the whole point of this trend, light to dark, cool to hot, negative to positive….maybe just harnessing the power of the sun in a creative way…

sun printed textiles drying

SUNPRINTS: The effects of sun prints can range from the watercolor dyed look or very subtle earthy gradients to an x-ray type image, made by photograms or camera-less photography. These sun prints used Pebeo Setacolor, which are light sensitive paints that block out the light with an object placed on the wet painted fabric results in a pale image of the object as the paint dries.

Draw in Light

Inspired by nature. The Open Air collection by Draw in Light, for Spring/Summer 2011, is based on the the reflection and retraction of natural light, using hand print and experimental techniques with paint, bleach, and ink.  Their prints are dreamlike and striking at the same time.

Draw in Light
Brooke Roberts
Brooke Roberts

Inspired by science. Brooke Roberts prints for S/S 2011 are inspired by brain scans and  x-ray images of the human body. Roberts has a background in radiography, and looks to science for inspiration in creating abstract graphic knits that are fresh.

PHOTOGRAMS: Camera-less prints with the use of  photo sensitive paper and exposure to the sun. They have kind of an eerie and surreal look to them similar to x-rays.

Becky Earley pin-print-1995
Bjork wearing "Pins"

Inspired by Nature and Science: Since 1994, textile designer, Becky Earley has been using environmentally friendly fabrics and printing techniques in innovative ways. Her creative photograms on textiles have become collector items over the years and an influence today.

Becky Earley
Becky Earley
Becky Earley
Becky Earley Draw in Light sun printing on fabric Pebeo Setacolor Science meets fashion blog by Brooke Roberts Becky Earley


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