Legwear for Winter 2011

Legwear, this non-fashion basic has taken more risks lately, socks, tights, hosiery, leg warmers, leggings have been re-invented to become a creative extension to the wardrobe. They’ve become both the “star” and support of the outfit. Bridging the gap between shoes and clothing with it’s texture and color, adding length to boots and creating a unifying look.  For Winter most of this trend seems to fall into two camps, going hand in hand with chunky knit sweaters, that sometimes looks like a set, which is kind of cool, or the sexy textured and sheer variety, which can be also be layered with other legwear.  If you have standout pieces such as chunky knit over-the-knee socks or crochet  tights, you can build around this look, keeping the rest neutral (its minimalism dressed up with legwear). Or you can go crazy with layers…either way this is a functional accessory that adds instant character… think dancewear, think colors that pop,or neutrals that pull the look together, think textures: fishnet, mesh, chunky knit, lace, studded, metallic,…

studded bedazzled tights


my illustration of the legwear trend

Michael Kors
Michael Kors


Ace Legwear

trompe l'oeil sheers
J Crew

Nike trompe l'oeil ankle socks






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