Velvet! Fall 2010 Mood Board


Velvet-Fall2010 Mood Board


There are few fabrics that can be classified as both rock and royal at the same time, velvet is one of them. There are many types, but in my opinion, crushed and burnt has the most personality, with it’s variance in color and texture.   For now velvet is at home on the street, not head to toe velvet, unless it’s the Bodkin catsuit, but as accents, trims, or one strong piece, be it shoes, skirt, jacket, vest, or a simple dress silhouette.  A little goes a long way and dressing it down is key.  Think rocker, crushed velvet, vintage, military, smoking jacket, 70’s glam… get the picture


military velvet



Velvet style



Bodkin BlkVelvet Catsuit



Bodkin BlkVelvetCatsuit1–Rich-regal-fashion-inspiration-6562-99644.html


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