Elaine Style

Okay this is just a quick post, I was going to dismiss this subject completely, but then took a second look and realized there is some validity to the New York Times article about the Elaine (from Seinfeld) look. Mostly during the grunge years of the show from 1989-1995, where dresses, denim, and hair in a messy bun were mixed. Of course this look wouldn’t be interpreted literally, but the elements of mixing floral dresses with masculine shoes, and layering with a denim vest would work today

According to The New York Times article, The New Adventures of Old Elaine, by William Van Meter (8/18/2010), the anti-fashion aspect of the show during that time, makes her style look up-to-the-moment now.   For the full article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/19/fashion/19ELAINE.html

Updated Elaine




2 thoughts on “Elaine Style

  1. Not feeling it then or now…just not that attractive. That when doc’s were big too. They looked OK with the Xene type house dresses…..

    1. yeah, I was on the fence at first, and I don’t think most people will emulate her style, but what she did pull off, was an insane amount of floral day dresses while maintaining her tough attitude that can hang with the boys…(Jerry, Kramer, & Costanza). So the updated version of this would be shorter hemlines, mixing with masculine elements such as military boots, leather, denim, men’s blazers, etc… Also, you nailed it with the Excene Cervenka reference, only she was more partial to polka dots, and about a decade ahead of Elaine….

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