Fall 2010 Mood Board

Fall-2010-Mood-Board2 - click to enlarge

This is what I’m feeling right now for Fall 2010 in colors, prints, and textures. These mood boards are based on what i’m seeing out in the streets, stores and internet, as well as my own personal taste and opinion, it’s not the end all be all of Fall 2010, and there are much more trends to cover for Fall and I plan on doing more boards, but for now this is just what I’m feeling are the strongest themes out there. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Floral: why? because I’m seeing that florals are now being used as a blank canvas to compliment many different looks from ‘lady-like’ to military, and menswear to grunge.  Borrowing heavily from vintage, but mixed in new ways to look updated. Floral is currently used for dresses, tops, jackets, shorts and pants…these prints are in the background not the “star” of the outfit.


Ethnic/Tribal: why? because it’s similar to the florals in complimenting different looks, but it is more decorative, and stands out more graphically than florals (especially the geo prints and stripes). It lends itself to updating. Ethnic prints in un-natural colors, for example; in neon or metallic, or tribal prints mixed with animal prints.  Authentic ethnic prints seem to always be in demand, due to their detailed work, especially vintage.

tribal print

Batik/Tie Dye/Hand-dyed: why? because of the handmade quality, again this is more likely to be in the background than a 60’s tie dye design. This type of dye work is most likely mixed with ethnic print, or a patchwork style of ethnic print and floral. This usually done in two colors and has a blank canvas quality to it if done in brown, rust, black, olives…but stands out in azure blue and purples. Goes very well with metallic.

Brown Batik Go Go

Military: Why? this trend has gone on for a while now, but I see it as mixed in, and not the primary look. Military jackets encompass the structure, metallic details and epaulets that give the hard edge to the florals and batiks. Also military style lace up boots, anchor the softness of the floral prints. Jackets can be done in denim, leather, wool, or cotton. Think of how Jimi Hendrix wore a military jacket. Military trend can also be done in a softer style, (Khaki army jackets, less structure).

Jimi Hendrix

Tapestry: why? part of the floral/paisley group, but mixed with military and royal monarchy (this may be seen more in Winter)


Metals: why? because I like them…no because they anchor the dominance of soft prints, the metals will eventually become less rocker and have a more hand-made look as done by metal crafts artisans.

metal craft copper studs
Fall-2010-color Mood-Board

2 thoughts on “Fall 2010 Mood Board

  1. do you have any leather, rubber or barbed wire? I’m done with thrift store shopping! racks and racks of clothes but they’re all hand me downs from our obese nation. nothing ever in my size anymore.
    gee, hopefully someday i’ll grow into a triple XL !

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