Frock Stars

Photograph by Danielle Levitt; Photographed at the Carlyle, a Rosewood hotel. From left: Suzanne Golden, Patricia Fox, Lynn Yaeger, Iris Apfel and Tziporah Salamon.

These ladies have some amazing style, they are also creative professionals who are the fashion darlings of New York.  This photo was taken for a tea party at the Carlyle Hotel, for the recent New York Times article, “Garb Fest,” written by Lynn Yaeger.  I stumbled upon the photo in a Fashion blog called Advanced Style, where the personal style of older folks is celebrated.

Suzanne Golden_artist

Suzanne Golden: Bead Artist, creating wearable art and beaded jewelry

Patricia Fox

Patricia Fox: Interior Designer, projects and custom furniture designs have been featured in numerous publications including Italian AD, The New York Times, Interior Design, Berkshire Home Style, and Victoria Magazine.

Iris Apfel in O Magazine

Iris Apfel: Interior Designer and Muse, She calls herself a ‘geriatric starlet.’

Lynn Yaeger

Lynn Yaeger: Fashion Reporter,  The New York Times, worked for the Village Voice for 30 years until she got laid off. Her column “Frock Star” (formerly “Elements of Style”)

Tziporah Salmon

Tziporah Salamon: Fashion Stylist and Instructor at Parson’s School of Design -New York Times Article “Garb Fest,” 8/20/2010 – Advance Style: personal style that advances with age


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