Textiles, Zippers, & Bears, Oh My!

the N3 (120 zipper dress) by Sebastian Errazuriz

I was perusing Dornob Design’s fashion & style section (http://dornob.com/design/fashion-style), and came across this amazing zipper dress, by Sebastian Errazuriz.  As I learned more, I found that his approach to creative problems in design, result in unconventional genius. I was inspired, so simple, so versatile, so cool, now I have to go make one for myself………

SEBASTIAN ERRAZURIZ is a Chilean born, New York based artist and product designer.

(The following are excerpts from an interview with Sebastian Errazuriz for The Huffington Post by Hilary Moss, 1/22/2010)

Do you have any inspirations from the “mainstream” fashion world or otherwise?

…Instead of being inspired by a trend, I was instead inspired to make a dress that tackles some of the problems that trends generate.

The idea was to challenge the prohibitive amounts of money and time that it takes to keep up with the constant changes that fashion trends establishes each season.

The concept was to create a single dress that could adapt and easily be reconstructed over and over again to comply with hundreds of variations. The zipper dress was made with 120 independent zippers. Each one of them can be either separated from the rest of the dress or opened to play and reveal layers or skin beneath. The zipper dress can be adapted in a couple of seconds from a full-length night dress, to a t-shirt, a miniskirt or even a belt.

I believe the concept is particularly poignant in the current economic crisis; “buy one dress, get a hundred different fashion possibilities.” The dress is a one of a kind piece, yet could be produced industrially for a relatively accessible price…

120 Zippers Dress

CONVERSE PANTS 2005 (Duchamp series) Textile and rubber
CONVERSE PANTS 2005 (Duchamp series) Textile and rubber

Describe the process behind your Converse shoe-pants: how did you come up with the idea?

The Converse shoe is basically made up of 2 elements: a unique rubber sole and a piece of textile which can come in a variety of materials and patterns.

The “paradigm break” here consists of simply avoiding the assumption that it is necessary to choose a new textile or pattern in order to design a new Converse sneaker. The idea instead is to ask questions that challenge the current logic, for example:

Why couldn’t the textile simply continue upwards and bocome the pants? Like fishermen pants? But these could simply be pants to stay at home and watch TV? Slacker pants?

…Or why does there have to be a textile at all? Why can’t we design new Converse sneakers that are simply the rubber sole and have a strap at the ankle like a cool-comfortable rubber sandal?…

soccer ball shoes

…Watching some kids play on a dirt field I realized there were several old punctured soccer balls lying around. I decided to recycle those old soccer balls and use that strong thick leather to make indestructible soccer shoes so kids could play soccer without worrying about their mothers. These recycled sneakers are tough as hell and actually look quite decent…

HAND JEANS 2005 (Duchamp series) Textile
BEAR FUR (COAT N2) 2005 (Duchamp series) Stuffed teddy bears
Teddy Bear jacket

My Teddy bear coat was a conceptual exercise created in 2002 as an homage to the Campana Brothers and their famous stuffed animal chair…

Sebastian Errazuriz

Who would you most like to dress?

I don’t really care about dressing someone in particular. Let’s dress a fireman in a new suit that can protect him better, let’s create a comfortable utility belt so the police can pursuit criminals faster. Let’s get a poor unknown singer to steal Lady Gaga’s thunder in the red carpet and arrive with a dress that makes Gaga look boring and average…

I am not interested in dressing celebrities, but instead simply interested in the challenge of confronting an interesting problem and coming up with a creative solution.


link to the entire interview: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hilary-moss/inside-sebastian-errazuri_b_429849.html)

http://dornob.com/customizable-clothing-unique-120-zipper-dress-design/ Dornob Design



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