Jane Doe: Indie Retro

Because the music that they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life – The Smiths (from Panic 1986)

Indie is a blanket term, but for lack of a better one I’ll use it to describe the style of the early – mid ’80’s influenced by mostly British bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division, Jesus and Mary Chain (Scottish), Mighty Lemon Drops, Love & Rockets, etc…and fans of this music at that time.

The Smiths
Smith's album cover, I remember buying this record, thinking she had the coolest style

This look was its own style, similar to the music, taking elements from 60’s mod and garage, with the ideology of punk. No logos, thrift store bought, and sizes deliberately too big or too small. Colors were mainly grey, black, and cream, with some odd greens, and rust oranges accents.

color palette

Classic pieces to this look, include the fisherman’s cable sweater, paired with pegged jeans or black leggings. Camel-hair long coats over house dresses, shortened frumpy tweed skirts, paired with black tights or socks, oxfords and baggy “Mr. Rogers” cardigans.  My own uniform to this style, was a short black wool skirt, faded tights, monkey boots, and a puce green cardigan, which I wore to death. Hairstyles were outgrown classic cuts, sprayed to look slightly dishevelled.

This look was reserved and stylish.  An “anti-style” alternative to the clichéd rock look of the time, which was new wave costumes and studded leather jackets.

Dazed & Digital September 2010 editorial, captured an updated look of this style, here are a few photos. Shot by photographer Max Farago and styled by Joanna Schlenzka.

Dazed & Digital September 2010 editorial
Dazed & Digital September 2010 editorial
Dazed & Digital September 2010 editorial

Modern day street version   photo from asymmetricera.blogspot.com

Dazed & Digital September 2010 http://www.dazeddigital.com/ArtsAndCulture/article/8120/1/Dazed__Confused_September_Issue

(photo editorial) http://coutequecoute.blogspot.com/

(Smiths/indie style) http://treeswingers.com/2010/05/21/flashback-friday-there-is-a-light-that-never-goes-out

Mr. Rogers   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Rogers


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