T-Shirt Noir

T-Shirt Noir 2010

In 2004, I  started working in the apparel industry, and went from Production Assistant to Graphic Designer, where the bulk of my industry experience is from.

After my last full-time job ended in May, I couldn’t sit still and decided to start a line of graphic tees, inspired by vintage old punk and rock prints.  They had to have the contrast of either black or white ink, be a bold image and had to ride that line between cute and aggressive. My influences were definitely rock, but I also grabbed inspiration from film noir, pop art, Liza Minnelli in Cabaret and Jean Luc Godard.  Yeah, I’m kind of a film geek.  Making use of my Film degree from SF State, I will usually have some sort of cinematic nod in my work.

When I made these graphics I had a certain person in mind, someone who understands the irony of the rock tee, and can mix it with just about anything from denim to tulle. They integrate well, but its iconic image makes it stand alone.

Limited edition prints, on slouchy styles in cotton and rayon, so that they drape not cling, and can be layered under, worn off shoulder, knotted or belted.

For now, I’m selling these tees through my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GabrielaLosAngeles?ref=seller_info I’ll also be selling this line at various sample sales.  I’ll keep you posted.

On August 28th, I’ll be at Space Invaders sale in Santa Barbara, check it out.

Below are a few styles I have now, and am working on a site for the line. I will keep this post updated on new styles and sale events. Contact me for more info:

These are my “girls with guns” tees, inspired by Jean Luc Godard, who said “all you need for a movie is a gun and a girl”

girl and gun
une fille et un fusil
La Roche es Mort
le rock es mort
glitter skull
rock n' roll cabaret

Rocker skulls (center) inspired by Jack Daniels, Grateful Dead, and the Misfits…

(below) these graphics are inspired by Cabaret and Iron Maiden…

heavy metal saves


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