I LoveThe Little Black Dress

I chose this first post as a nod to the little black dress for a few reasons.  It’s a classic, and follows no rules except its own in being versatile and able to work in most occasions, from day to night. Also, it always looks fresh, when dominating trends have waned. The little black dress works hard, yet is effortless in style.  Unlike prints, which “speak” for you, it’s the blank canvas to the personality that wears and accessorizes it,. Made in a variety of fabrics, the LBD is accessible at various price points, from very inexpensive (think thrift store or Target) all the way to its origins of Chanel, of course. There’s little bad to say about the LBD, it’s a serious color when you don’t want to mess around with a questionable print or a strange hue, and it’s more bad-ass than its somber cousin the little neutral minimalist.  Although I do love colors and prints and wear them often, the LBD  still rules the night.

Revamped classic, here’s some examples of my favorite new interpretations:

classic silhouette, tough look

the little nuetral minimalistThe little neutral minimalist.

sci-fi  femme fatale

Another sci-fi influenced dress, one of my own designs from a 2009 fashion show

Party frocks!

functional fashion: the IPad dress

Katie Gallagher's own design
Katie Gallagher's own design and house cat

Designer, Katie Gallagher’s own creation


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